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Exclusive: Slayer "6 Songs Deep" Into Writing New Album

Last Thursday at the Guitar World Roast of Zakk Wylde, I caught up with Slayer guitarist Kerry King on the Red Carpet to get his thoughts on the upcoming roast. While I had him, I couldn't help but ask about the latest info on the new Slayer album.

"Before the holidays me and Dave were already working," he said. "We got three songs down before we broke, and I sent him a fourth one, and we've got a couple we didn't use on the last record, so we're already 6 deep."

But he's not done there, King revealed that he's also got several more songs in the works. "I've got parts to like 5 or 6 I just can't finish. December was great, January's been a drought. I'm waiting for the drought to be over so I can finish them. I've got halves, I just can't marry the half to something else."

So will Slayer's new album be out in 2012?

"Absolutely," said King. "I want to be in March, April. I want to be done before we go on tour, which is May 25."