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Fender debuts eye-catching new finishes for the American Original Series

(Image credit: Fender)

Fender launched the American Original Series back in 2018 with 11 electric guitars and basses offered in 13 colors.

Now, the company has introduced instruments in six new finishes to the line: an Ice Blue Metallic '60s Jazzmaster; an Inca Silver '50s Strat; a Daphne Blue '60s Jaguar; a Burgundy Mist Metallic '60s Tele; an Aztec Gold '50s Precision Bass; and a Vintage White '70s Jazz Bass.

Like all American Original models, the new guitars and basses are inspired by some of Fender's most-successful '50s, '60s and '70s designs and include vintage-style hardware, vintage-tall frets, body radii and neck shapes, lacquer finishes, original-spec pickups and vintage-style cases.

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Burgundy Mist Metallic Telecaster

Burgundy Mist Metallic Telecaster (Image credit: Fender)
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Inca Silver Stratocaster

Inca Silver Stratocaster (Image credit: Fender)
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Aztec Gold ‘50s Precision Bass

Aztec Gold ‘50s Precision Bass (Image credit: Fender)
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Ice Blue Metallic Jazzmaster

Ice Blue Metallic Jazzmaster (Image credit: Fender)
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Vintage White ‘70s Jazz Bass

Vintage White ‘70s Jazz Bass (Image credit: Fender)
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Daphne Blue Jaguar

Daphne Blue Jaguar (Image credit: Fender)

For more information on the American Original Series, head to Fender