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Fender expands its Artist Signature Series with the highly decorated Dhani Harrison Ukulele

Dhani Harrison
(Image credit: Fender)

Fender has teamed up with Dhani Harrison – singer-songwriter and son of George Harrison – for a brand-new Artist Signature Series ukulele.

Available in two finishes – Blue Sapphire and Turquoise – the new tenor-sized model features a solid ovangkol construction, with three quarter-sized depth and upgraded Fender electronics.

Visually, the instrument sports a Shiva Yantra design on the back, as well as Shiva moon phases decorating the fingerboard. The pattern of these inlays varies depending on finish.

“I knew that if I did a Fender signature model, it would have to be a ukulele,” Harrison says. “I've always played it and I write a lot of stuff on a uke. I spent a lkot of time in Hawaii growing up and it was there that I really fell in love with the uke as a serious instrument.

“I designed it to be my ideal stage ukulele that also sounds great when you're not plugged in. The design is very much inspired by my passions and quest to build the the ultimate ukulele.”

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Fender Dhani Harrison Signature Ukulele

(Image credit: Fender)
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Fender Dhani Harrison Signature Ukulele

(Image credit: Fender)

“We're thrilled to launch the Dhani Harrison Signature Ukulele, the latest addition to our expanding line of Fender ukuleles,” adds Billy Martinez of Fender. “Dhani is a world-leading talent and we are seeing more demand for ukulele instruments than ever – so this collaboration made total sense to us.

“Dhani worked hand-in-hand with us to create his ideal ukulele, incorporating design elements that are deeply personal to him, which we hope will encourage people all over the world to express their own individuality and creativity.”

The Dhani Harrison Signature Ukulele is available now for $250. For more information, head to Fender.

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