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Fender launches new interactive online guide pairing players with the perfect guitar or bass

Fender American Professional II Series
(Image credit: Fender)

People are buying more Fenders than ever, and now the company has launched a new interactive online guide, FindYourFender, to help ensure that players find exactly the right electric and acoustic guitars, basses and even ukuleles for their needs.

By asking a series of questions, from price range and finish to musical style and tonal preferences, the new microsite homes in on specific Fender models to match players with the right gear.

Additionally, FindYourFender offers interactive tools so users can listen to what tones Fender instruments and hardware can provide. After finding a guitar or bass, users are directed to the closest Fender dealer, as well as to additional equipment and accessories.

Said Fender CMO Evan Jones, “The current circumstances have made it harder for new enthusiasts to get the hands-on experience and expert advice they need before investing in their first instrument. For any new player to be successful in the long term, it’s important they get the information they deserve and the right instrument from the start.

“All too often, the guitar buying experience can be overwhelming for beginners, but FindYourFender is one of the first interactive online experiences to offer new players an intuitive, personalized solution.”

To try out the guide for yourself, head over to