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Get Nembrini Audio's Klon Centaur emulation, the Clon Minotaur, totally free

Nembrini Audio Clon Minotaur
(Image credit: Nembrini Audio)

Nembrini Audio's Clon Minotaur plugin – a digital recreation of the fabled Klon Centaur – is currently available for free.

Described as a 'transparent' overdrive, the Clon Minotaur  – like the Centaur it's modeled on – doesn't color the frequency content of the incoming signal as much as certain other overdrives do.

For example, Tube Screamer-style drives tend to add content to a guitar signal's midrange, whereas the Minotaur keeps the signal flatter across the entire frequency spectrum.

With a set of digitally modeled germanium diodes, the Minotaur's Gain knob – like the Centaur – doesn't simply adjust the amount of clipping – instead it alters the balance of the blend of clean and clipped signals.

Designed by Bill Finnegan in the early-'90s, the Klon Centaur quickly gained a legendary reputation for its transparent sound, however it was discontinued in 2009. It remains a highly sought-after pedal, often commanding prices upwards of $3,000. 

JHS Pedals owner Josh Scott recently announced he was selling the first-ever Klon Centaur for $500,000.

The Clon Minotaur is available now for free. To get yours, head over to Nembrini Audio and create an account.

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