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GW live at NAMM 2020: Godlyke goes pedal crazy with new Maxon and TWA distortion, fuzz and octave units

NAMM 2020: It goes without saying that NAMM always offers up a cornucopia of drool-worthy gear, and this is maybe nowhere more true than when it comes to effect pedals.

With that in mind, we got the lowdown on some of the more intriguing new offerings at the Godlyke Distributing booth, which you can check out in the appropriately named 'Pedals on Pedals on Pedals' video above.

Among the stompboxes discussed and demoed by Godlyke’s Kevin and Ray include the Maxon Apex 808, Maxon SD-9SH, TWA Wahxidizer Fuzz and the TWA MicroChasm Octave.

To hear the pedals in action check the demo out above, and be sure to head to our NAMM hub for more sweet new gear.