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Invaders' 720 Britt amp offers 20 watts of British-voiced clean and crunch in customizable colors

(Image credit: Invaders Amplification)

Belgium-based manufacturer Invaders Amplification has launched the 720 Britt, a new 20-watt two-channel guitar amp.

The British-voiced handmade head features a Clean channel that moves into crunch territory depending on the amount of gain added, as well as a Drive channel for saturated overdrive and distortion tones.

Other front-panel features include a master volume, three-band EQ, bright and sweep switches and hi/lo inputs.

There’s also an active effects loop and an included channel footswitch.

(Image credit: Invaders Amplification)

Additionally, Invaders offers customized front face, tolex, piping and corners in a variety of colors and design options.

The 720 Britt is offered for 990€ (approx. $1,075). Two specifically-designed cabinets, the 712 1x12 (approx. $420) and the 7210 2x10 (approx. $530), are available as well.

For more information, head to Invaders Amplification.