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Jared Dines shares the first track from Sion, his new band with former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones

[L-R] Jared Dines and Howard Jones
(Image credit: Jared Dines / YouTube)

Jared Dines – architect of 20-string monstrosities, Guitar World cover artist and YouTuber extraordinaire – has shared the first track from Sion, his new band with former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones.

The new single, entitled The Blade, is set to appear on the band's yet-untitled debut album, and is produced by Hiram Hernandez, mixed by Joseph McQueen and mastered by Ted Jensen. Watch The Blade's music video below:

Dines – who wields his new Sterling by Music Man signature model in the music video – first teased Sion's music last year when he tweeted: “Who remembers ‘Howard Jones era’ Killswitch Engage?! Who wants to hear more music like that WITH THE MAN HIMSELF Howard Jones but also with… MYSELF?! … well shit, you might like these 7 songs we’re sitting on then!”

Howard Jones served as Killswitch Engage's frontman for 10 years prior to his departure in 2012. In addition to fronting Sion, he is also a member of LA metalcore supergroup Light The Torch.

On how the project came to be, Dines told Rock Feed back in August: “Way back [in] 2018 was the Trivium tour that I filled in for that Howard was on with his band Light The Torch. And, of course, we met and we talked and we just kind of randomly started talking [about working together]. 

“I think Howard mentioned, ‘Down the road, let's maybe talk about doing something.’ And, of course, I was, like, 'Yeah, that sounds awesome.' So that's kind of where it started. 

“And then maybe just until [early 2020], I think [he] reached out and had said that [he] had some free time, and I had some free time, so we figured why not start now and start writing some songs. So that's kind of how it started. It was just very casual, and it's just been that way – very natural, and not, like, [with] any type of real plan.”

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