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Joe Satriani immortalized as TRON-style action figure

Joe Satriani
(Image credit: Rick Kern/WireImage / Incendium and Heavy Metal Magazine)

Last week, forefather of shred Joe Satriani revealed his venture into the world of comic books, announcing his very own publication, Crystal Planet.

The comic – developed in collaboration with fellow guitarist Ned Evett – follows the adventures of Satchel Walker, “a man out of time, [who] finds himself caught between desperate factions as they battle for resources in the perilous orbit of a dying star.”

And now, Joe Satriani has been forever immortalized as a Satchel Walker action figure. Donning his TRON-like getup from Crystal Planet, the 5-inch figure features 12 points of articulation and several accessories, including an Ibanez-style Time Shredder Guitar, Tri-Diver Helmet, alternate hands and Satch's signature shades. 

Available for pre-order now for $29.95, the Joe Satriani Crystal Planet FigBiz action figure is expected to ship in May 2021. 

Published by Incendium and Heavy Metal Magazine under the new music-focused OPUS imprint, Crystal Planet will comprise five issues, each limited to just 1998 copies. 

The first issue is available for pre-order now, and is set to ship in March 2021. For more information, head over to Incendium.

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