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John Mayer teases freshly finished hot pink PRS Silver Sky

John Mayer PRS Silver Sky pink
(Image credit: John Mayer / Instagram)

John Mayer caused quite a stir on social media yesterday (June 1) when he announced the name and release date of his upcoming album Sob Rock, along with a first-look at the record’s decidedly retro album cover.

However, the more eagle-eyed followers of Mayer were not only teased by the prospect of imminent new music, but were equally enthralled by what the electric guitar guru was holding in his hands in a separate Instagram post.

In a snap sharing that more “details” would be arriving on Friday June 4, the PRS-wielding wizard looks to be holding a freshly finished, hot pink iteration of his controversial-yet-brilliant Silver Sky, which begs the question: is a new-look version set to arrive later this year?

Mayer’s model is certainly no stranger to the odd aesthetic update, and so such speculation shouldn’t be out of the question. Initially released in 2018 in Onyx, Frost, Horizon and Tungsten finishes, the Silver Sky has since received a number of cosmetic pick-me-ups.

At NAMM 2019, Dodgem Blue, Moc Sand, Golden Mesa and Orion finishes were added to the fold, while Polar Blue, Midnight Rose and the limited-edition Nebula were introduced later in 2020.

More recently, the PRS-John Mayer dream-team unveiled an ultra-limited Lunar Ice Silver Sky, which boasted a luxurious polychromatic ‘flip-flop’ finish that reflects light differently at different angles.

John Mayer poses with one of his signature PRS Silver Sky guitars on the cover of his upcoming album, 'Sob Rock'

(Image credit: John Mayer/Instagram)

Aside from the fresh Hollywood hot pink finish, the new-look Silver Sky looks as though it will remain true to its Strat-inspired roots – that is, a reverse PRS headstock, 22-fret rosewood fretboard with bird inlays, trio of single-coils and a steel PRS tremolo.

So, not only do we have to wait for John Mayer’s new album, we also have to wait until Friday to hopefully find out more about the guitar. It’s going to be a long three days.

John Mayer's upcoming eighth studio album Sob Rock is set to be released on July 16.

While finish updates seem to be coming thick and fast for Mayer’s prized six-string, we won’t be holding our breath for a Sunburst finish anytime soon, after the Continuum mastermind declared that such vintage-style colorways were off the table in an episode of Long Distance by PRS.