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Watch Korn make their live debut with Ra Diaz of Suicidal Tendencies on bass

Korn have played their first show with new bassist, Ra Díaz of Suicidal Tendencies, who is currently filling in for founding bass player Fieldy. 

Appearing at Upheaval Festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Díaz made his live debut after rehearsing with the group for the past month. 

The move followed an announcement from the group’s regular bass player, Fieldy, that he would be sitting out the group’s summer tour.

“It's been suggested to me to take some time off to heal. I'm going to respect what was asked of me and take that time,” said Fieldy, in an Instagram post in June. “Unfortunately, you will not see me on stage with my band. I will be working towards getting the bad habits out of my system.”

Various videos have cropped up on social media documenting Díaz’s first gig with the group, including clips of the tracks Falling Away From Me and Freak On A Leash.

Korn will soon kick off a tour of the US with Staind, playing dates across the country from August 5 to September 23, 2021.

Matt Parker

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