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Lollar promises the best of both worlds with new coil-splittable Eldorado humbucker

Lollar Eldorado
(Image credit: Lollar Pickups)

Lollar has launched a brand-new coil-splittable humbucking pickup, the Eldorado.

The pickup's design is similar to that of a traditional single coil – with magnetic pole pieces providing its field instead of screws on a bar magnet – meaning its split-coil tones are more akin to those of single coils than regular split humbuckers.

When used as a humbucker, the Eldorado is wired in a way that utilizes phase cancelation to remove unwanted noise, while thickening the desired signal. Splitting the pickup takes the signal from only one of the coils, meaning a single-coil snap is achieved from the same position of the guitar.

“Typically, the split sound on a humbucker is always a compromise,” Lollar says. “It is never quite the same as a full-sized P-90 or Strat single coil. 

“The Eldorado Humbucker does not suffer from the same shortcomings that PAF-style humbuckers do and offers a true single-coil sound when split. You get glassy and clear sounds like a Strat or Tele, even when you play this pickup in a heavy Les Paul-style guitar.”

Eldorado pickups are available now for $200 each. For more information, head to Lollar Pickups.

Sam Roche

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