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Mad Hatter Guitar Products Introduces the HSH and 5/3 Modified Terminator Systems

Mad Hatter Guitar Products is excited to announce two new systems for their Terminator product line—the HSH and 5/3 Modified. 

These systems are based on current Terminator Systems SVST-HSH, SVST-5/3 and SVDT-5/3, which are designed for Humbucker–Single–Humbucker (“HSH”) equipped guitars.

Traditionally, HSH equipped guitars follow the same pickup selections of a standard S-Type instrument, with selector switch position three wired to the middle pickup by itself. Many HSH guitarists find this pickup selection to be the least desirable. 

The Terminator HSH and 5/3 Modified systems change the paradigm by wiring both humbuckers together, offering a more desirable tonal option. Now players can easily obtain all their favorite dual humbucker tones from an HSH equipped guitar.

Like all Terminator systems, the SVST-HSHM, SVST-5/3M and SVDT-5/3M systems include all the components needed to bring the best out of a guitar, including a Switchcraft output jack, easy-to-read instructions, and world-class customer support.   

Terminator HSH and 5/3 Modified systems start at $94.99.

Watch the Mad Hatter Solderless Terminator System overview video below, and to find out more, head over to