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Mattoverse’s Bad Passenger Fuzz MKII promises “bright aggressive grind to darker compressed filth” tones

Mattoverse has updated its Bad Passenger Fuzz
(Image credit: Mattoverse)

Mattoverse has released the Bad Passenger Fuzz MKII, a “badder than ever” update of the company’s popular fuzz pedal.

The new version boasts a redesigned circuit that combines cascaded transistor and op-amp gain stages for “brutal” fuzz and distortion tones.

There’s also a new character switch that toggles between “bright aggressive grind or a darker compressed filth,” as well as a redesigned output control that allows users to access the full amount of gain regardless of the output volume.

The Bad Passenger Fuzz MKII is available in limited quantities for $99. To pick one up, head to Mattoverse.