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Mojo Hand FX introduces Maestro-inspired Mister-O Phase Shifter pedal

Mojo Hand FX has released the latest addition to its effects pedal lineup, the Mister-O Phase Shifter.

Based on the sound and design of Maestro’s first-ever phaser, Mojo Hand FX’s new offering seeks to recreate the “special phasing magic” that the original pedal delivered when it appeared in the early ‘70s.

After many hours of "careful listening, playing and tweaking", Mojo Hand FX has settled on a design that stays true to the original’s six phase stages while adding extra flexibility to satisfy more contemporary players.

Appearing in a compact pedalboard-friendly housing, the Mister-O comes equipped with three control knobs that dictate speed, depth and color parameters. 

While the speed knob controls the rate of the LFO, the depth knob can be used to create "subtle or chewy" tones. Working alongside these is the color knob, which can be dialed up for sharp resonant peaks or rolled back for smoother sounds.

When each knob set to the 12 o’ clock position, the pedal aims to simulate the sound of a Leslie rotary speaker, with the easy-to-use control layout prompting further sonic experimentation.

The Mojo Hand FX Mister-O Phase Shifter is available now for $149.

Visit Mojo Hand FX for more information.

Mojo Hand FX Mister-O Phase Shifter

(Image credit: Mojo Hand FX)