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Mojotone introduces compact, 6V6-powered BlackOut British Head

Mojotone Blackout British Head
(Image credit: Mojotone)

Mojotone has unveiled the next evolution of its Blackout British guitar amp line, the Blackout British Head.

The new design condenses all the features of the existing combo version – including its two-channel/three-input configuration and 6V6 power tubes – into a package half its weight, at only 20lbs.

Aiming to recreate the sonic characteristics of British-style amps from the late '60s and early '70s, the Blackout British Head also features a global master volume control, three ECC83 preamp tubes, an EZ81 tube rectifier and a lead channel with a TMB tone stack.

Other features include Mojo Dijon capacitors, carbon composition resistors and Heyboer transformers.

While not yet available, the Blackout British Head will retail for $1,099.99. For more information, head to Mojotone.

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