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NAMM 2020: Mooer expands its multi-effects line-up with the nicely priced GE250

NAMM 2020: Mooer Audio has introduced the newly redesigned GE250 multi-effects pedal, boasting 70 high-quality Mooer amp models and 32 IR-based factory speaker cabs designed to emulate tube amp sound and feel.

The new model boasts expanded I/O options, an expression pedal and a footswitch setup similar to Mooer’s flagship GE300.

Additionally, a Tone Capture function allows users to sample and capture real-life amplifiers to create brand new digital amp models.

(Image credit: Mooer Audio)

Furthermore, user-favorite support for third-party impulse response files has been upgraded to support files of 2048 sampling points each.

Otherwise, standard features include 60 new drum tracks, ten metronome options, a 70-second capacity looper, a built-in tuner, an auxiliary audio input, a programmable footswitch, pre-loaded presets and a whole lot, er, Mooer.

(Image credit: Mooer Audio)

The design itself is pretty sharp – and stage ready – too, with bold black text against an all-white enclosure.

The GE250 sells for $499. For more information, head to Mooer Audio.