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Mooer launches the drum machine-loaded Groove Loop X2 stereo looper pedal

Mooer Groove Loop X2
(Image credit: Mooer)

Mooer's been on a hot streak in 2021, launching new products like the feature-packed 30-watt Hornet modeling amp, the DSP-equipped, all-in-one digital six-string – the GTRS Intelligent Guitar – and the supercharged new D7 X2 Delay and R7 X2 Reverb pedals.

Now, the Chinese company further expands its stompbox offering with the Groove Loop X2 looper pedal.

Aiming to serve as the “ultimate looper and drum machine combo pedal”, the stereo Groove Loop X2 packs an impressive 14 save slots – each able to store up to 10 minutes of audio – as well as a whopping 121 drum grooves encompassing 11 different musical styles, selectable via Genre and Pattern knobs.

In addition to the familiar Normal looping mode, there's also a Count-in mode – which can be toggled on or off – and an Automatic mode, which detects and begins looping as soon as an instrument signal is detected.

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Mooer Groove Loop X2

(Image credit: Mooer)
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Mooer Groove Loop X2

(Image credit: Mooer)

Other features include a Time Stretch function (which enables players to alter the speed of playback without affecting the original pitch), Justify (which perfectly syncs up looped audio with the selected drum groove) and Tap Tempo, which allows for the manual setting of the drum machine's bpm.

When used in combination with the looper, Tap Tempo will automatically detect the tempo of the incoming audio signal.

Additionally, the Groove Loop X2 features stereo inputs, as well as the ability to split the looper and drum machine into separate stereo outputs.

The Groove Loop X2 is available now. For more information, head to Mooer.

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