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Mooer’s new 30-watt Hornet adds more sting to its digital modeling amp design

Mooer Audio Hornet 30W
(Image credit: Mooer Audio)

Back in 2019, Mooer introduced the Hornet 15-watt desktop-style guitar amp, loaded with nine different amp models, including bass and acoustic guitar models, as well as built-in modulation, delay and reverb effects.

Now the company has unveiled a Hornet with a bigger sting in the form of a new 30-watt model. In addition to the added power, the updated version also boasts an eight-inch speaker in place of the original’s six-inch.

Otherwise, the new Hornet boasts the same great feature set – including nine amps and three effects – as the original. 

There’s also tap tempo, a built-in tuner, the ability to store and recall up to nine presets, Bluetooth and aux-in audio connectivity and a dedicated headphone output.

To find out more about the Hornet 30W, head to Mooer Audio.