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Musician’s Friend just upped its pre-Black Friday savings to 25% off select guitar gear

Musician's Friend Black Friday sale
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Musician's Friend is already making this a Holiday Season to remember. Right now you can choose from hundreds of products from genuinely lust-worthy brands, including Martin and PRS, and claim up to 25% off the regular price with the voucher code JOY until November 21.

Looking for an inexpensive killer acoustic guitar? Musician's Friend has you covered. What about an heirloom-quality piece? Ditto. Everything from beginner acoustic guitars, starting from just $84.99, right up to hand-built custom shop beauties costing in excess of $12,999, are waiting to be snapped up at a generous discount. There are electrics, acoustics, amps, stompboxes, cases and accessories all primed to spread a little joy.

All you have to do is pick-out a qualifying product and enter the code JOY at checkout to potentially save yourself thousands of dollars. It really doesn't get much easier.

To help you pick out a bargain we've featured some of our favorite deals from Musician's Friend below. Of course, as Black Friday approaches we'll continue to bring you the latest deals on all the best kit, so if you want to save a fortune keep checking our Black Friday guitar deals page.

Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar: $169.99

Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar: $169.99, now $127.50
Up until now we'd describe the F335 as affordable, but today a more fitting term has to be 'dirt cheap'. There's no getting away from it, this acoustic is stonking value. Yamaha makes musical instruments that start at a hundred bucks or so and top out at hundreds of thousands (its premium grand pianos are a real treat) but what it doesn't do is make a bad product. Its attention to detail and quality control measures are legendary. This may be an inexpensive guitar, with a laminate spruce top and meranti back and sides, but it's a darned good one. Perfect for beginners, or as a beater for campfire singalongs, open mics and busking. Currently, the F335 is available in Black, Natural and Tobacco Sunburst, but at this price stocks will run low fast. Grab yourself a keeper for the cost of a throwaway.

Martin Special HD28 Dreadnought: $3,399

Martin Special HD28 Dreadnought: $3,399, $3,059
Who doesn't gas for a Martin D28? One of the most iconic acoustic guitars ever, it is perhaps the world's most sought-after dreadnought. We could list all its notable players, but we'd still be typing well into the night, so suffice to say that everyone from Elvis to Jimmy Page has coveted the D28. Here's one of our favorite current models, the HD28 VTS, which is Martin's take on a vintage version. Cosmetically, it resembles the original pre-war D28 with its smart herringbone binding, but the magic's in the X bracing and the aged top. Martin has taken a premium grade slice of Adirondack spruce and temperature aged it using its proprietary VTS system so that it sounds like a guitar from the 1930s. The result is a dread that has a clear, defined treble and midrange tone, with a very balanced, controlled bottom end.

PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow: was $879

PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow: was $879, now $703
This is an unusually voiced PRS at an unexpectedly low price. PRS SE guitars are always outstanding value but this particular model now benefits from a whopping 20% discount. Price aside, what makes it desirable is what lies beyond that f-hole – space. Its semi-hollow build blesses it with outstanding resonance, impressive mids and a sweet, airy tone. Make no mistake though, it doesn't want for muscle. Those 85/15 S dual, coil tapped pups may lend remarkable clarity and extended frequency response to this SE, but spin the volume knobs and they pack a real punch. Photos just can't do justice to the beauty of the 'hog body, with its gorgeous quilted maple top, but trust us, it looks stunning.

Bad Cat Paw 60W 2x6 Combo: was $999

Bad Cat Paw 60W 2x6 Combo: was $999, now $799
First and foremost, the Paw is a tube amp built on the same preamp as the Bad Cat Cub. Its power amp section produces 60 watts of Class D power and – this is where it gets interesting – can drive either the Paw's internal six-inch speakers or a pair of cabs or a PA. The upshot is that you get that Bad Cat sound in a small stereo amp that's compact enough and handsome enough to use in your living room. Drive it out to a gig though, and you can plug in a pair of cabs. Or hook it up to a PA system or desk via its stereo XLR direct outs and load up an impulse response curve to emulate your favourite speakers. Similarly, it makes a very flexible recording amp in the studio. It really is a do-it-all amp, now at a bargain price.

Heritage Custom Shop H-150: was $3,799, now $3,229

Heritage Custom Shop H-150: was $3,799, now $3,229
This guitar is way more than just another Les Paul lookie-likie. For those of you who don't know the history, Heritage's founders were ex-Gibson luthiers who set-up shop in the original Gibson Kalamazoo factory using Gibson guitar-making machinery. Their remit remains to make the finest USA-made guitars available today, based on traditional craftsmanship, a job they take incredibly seriously. This particular guitar features a striking, curly maple top, an ultra-lightweight mahogany back, a '50s-style neck and vintage inspired in-house wound 225 humbuckers that delight in both clean and saturated tones. A nitrocellulose finish ensures it will age beautifully over time. What a package, what a price.

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