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NAMM 2014: AXL Guitars Introduces the Bel Air

The latest addition to the award-winning AXL USA line is the USA BelAir, a hand-assembled TV Jones and Bigsby-equipped rocker that covers tons of tonal ground from surf to country and back again.

The AXL USA Bel Air extends the theme of our award-winning single cutaway Bulldog platform. Like all AXL USA instruments, it's assembled by hand in Hayward, CA.

Each Bel Air guitar goes through a rigorous setup process from hand-pressing and gluing the frets, to hand-soldering the electronics so we can deliver a guitar that's 100 percent ready to rock a club or a stadium from the moment you take it out of the case.

The Bel Air delivers the stage-ready marriage of hand-assembly and top-of-the-line components players expect from AXL USA. For the Bel Air, we've mined the vintage vein by assembling it with a single TV Jones Power 'Tron pickup and USA B5 Bigsby vibrato. Combine those with other under-the-hood components like TonePros Kluson tuners, CTS pots, Orange Drop Capacitor and Switchcraft jack.

The TonePros locking roller TOM bridge and GraphTech Tusq XL nut deliver spot-on intonation and singing sustain even after stretching the Bigsby to its swampy limits. Our adventurous AXL USA players want a full range of tone choices, so we've included a coil tap so players have equally powerful single-coil tone with a push-pull pot.

We've loaded all this horsepower into a solid mahogany single cutaway slab body with one-piece mahogany neck for a vintage-style machine that fires on all cylinders to pull off surf, twang, rockabilly and classic rock with ease.

The USA Bel Air is available in a pearlescent Orange Sparkle or Light Blue, and has a street price of $749.99, an unbeatable combination of US-assembly and high-end componentry that leaves competitors in the dust.

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