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NAMM 2020: Streamline your live acoustic rig with Boss's new Acoustic Singer Live LT amp

(Image credit: Patricia Jimenez/Max Borges Agency)

NAMM 2020: Though Boss' brand-new Katana-Artist MkII is already a sure contender for NAMM's best new high-powered, wall-shaking amplifier, that doesn't mean that the company has neglected its more acoustic guitar-minded customers.

For them, and anyone looking for a simple-but-effective live acoustic rig, the company has introduced its new Acoustic Singer Live LT amp. 

The Acoustic Singer's bi-amp design delivers 60 watts of power, while its dual channels provide pathways for the user's acoustic guitar and vocals. Analog input circuitry, independent three-band EQs and chorus, delay and reverb effects also come standard. 

The guitar channel features Boss’ Acoustic Resonance processing, which aims to restore natural tone to stage guitars with piezo pickups. The amp's mic channel is built with a one-touch Enhance function, perfect for performers looking for a bigger, cleaner live vocal sound.

(Image credit: Patricia Jimenez/Max Borges Agency)

Elsewhere, the amp features a phase switch on the guitar channel and a notch filter that works on both channels to help corral feedback. Rear-panel connectivity also allows users to interface with PA systems, computers and other devices.

The Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT amp will be available in February for $399.99. For more info, point your browser over to Boss.