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Noel Gallagher Says Foo Fighters, Green Day Should Play Oasis Songs

In a recent Q&A with, Noel Gallagher said he thought other bands could benefit from playing his music.

He was asked to justify his decision to play Oasis songs during his solo shows, and responded: "I've always thought most bands should play Oasis songs, anyway. The Foo Fighters should definitely do a couple. Green Day could do even more than one or two. Radiohead? I mean, let's face it. It'd be a better night out."

Gallagher will release his first official solo album, High Flying Birds, on October 17.

Both Noel and his brother Liam have always been known as two of the more entertaining insult artists in the music world. Click here for our gallery of the best of Noel and Liam insulting each other, and tell us who you think is better!