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Orange squeezes into the acoustic amp market with the Crush Acoustic 30

(Image credit: courtesy of Orange)

Orange has announced an acoustic guitar amp - the first we can recall - with the Crush Acoustic 30.

The new 30-watt amp is designed to project loud and clear, with a neat angled construction.

Features include two channels with built-in reverb and chorus, as well as a global notch filter to reduce feedback.

Channel 1 is a dedicated acoustic guitar channel, with a pad switch that can take off up to 10dB to help maintain a clean signal for higher output instruments. There’s also a three-band EQ and a 'colour' switch to boost presence and cut midrange.

(Image credit: courtesy of Orange)

Channel 2, meanwhile, features XLR input for use with a second guitar or microphone. Additionally, the phantom power is switchable, as is the mic/line input.

There’s also a 3.5mm aux-in that can be used to plug in an MP3 or other similar audio device for playing along to backing tracks.

The Crush Acoustic 30 comes loaded with a specially-designed eight-inch Voice of the World speaker, in a cabinet available in orange or black livery.

The amp can be powered by either AA batteries or the supplied DC adaptor. According to Orange, at full volume the batteries will provide three hours of playing time, or five hours at 50% volume.

(Image credit: courtesy of Orange)

For more information on the Crush Acoustic 30, head to Orange Amps.