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Power up your Profiler with Kemper’s new Power Kabinet monitoring solution

Kemper has unveiled the Power Kabinet
(Image credit: Kemper)

Kemper unveiled its impressive Kabinet last year, and now the company is back with a powered version of its revolutionary Profiler guitar amp monitoring solution, the Power Kabinet.

The Power Kabinet features a 200-watt power amp, the Kemper Kone speaker and a choice of 19 classic guitar speaker imprints.

The Kemper Kone speaker is controlled and driven by the Profiler’s DSP for a versatile guitar monitoring system. The 19 included speaker imprints offer choices of well-known models from Celestion and other classic brands for best-in-class “amp-in-room” sound.

There’s also an ultra-linear full-range mode and “Sweetening“ and “Directivity“ parameters for detailed personal and location-dependent adjustment.

The new offering is designed to pair with unpowered Kemper Profilers (Head, Rack, and Stage), and various bundles will be made available.

The Power Kabinet is available for $789 and comes with a power cord, dust cover and built-in speaker stand for slanted setup. Stereo setups are supported as well.

For more information, head to Kemper Amps.