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Readers Poll: The Greatest Guitarist of All Time — Vote-In Round

It's March, and like a lot of other people, we here at Guitar World have bracket fever.

We've decided that the age-old question of "Who is the greatest guitarist of all time?" needs an answer — and that you, the readers, should have final say.

We've assembled a massive bracket featuring 128 slots, and over the course of the next few months, we'll be bringing you a new matchup every day that pits two of the best guitarists in the world head-to-head in a battle, the results of which only you can decide.

Of the 128 slots available in the single-elimination tournament, we've picked the first 124 names to fill them — Hendrix, Hammett, Van Halen, Yngwie, Vai, Satriani and all the usual suspects. But since this truly is a fan-chosen list, we're letting you vote in the last four names.

Below, you'll find a list of the guitarists we felt were just shy of making the list. Vote for your favorites (multiple votes allowed), and we'll take the top four vote getters and include them in our tournament bracket.

You have until midnight Sunday to make your choices, as the first round begins first thing Monday morning, so get voting! Also on Monday we'll explain more about the "greatest guitarist" criteria, but it basically comes down to that golden ratio of sheer ability and inspiration/importance/influence.

NOTE: Before you type "Steve Vai," "Randy Rhoads" or "Jimi Hendrix" in the OTHER slot, do you really think those guys AREN'T ALREADY ON OUR GRID OF 124 GUITARISTS? Please re-read the story above ...