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Shubb introduces luxurious gold and rose gold Capo Royale

(Image credit: Shubb)

Shubb has introduced the Capo Royale Series of capos in gold and rose gold finishes.

The series features models for steel, classical nylon string, electric and 12-string guitars and banjos.

Rather than gold-plating, the new capos employ a process utilizing titanium to produce a coating that has “all the beauty of gold, but is as durable as any metal finish”.

The titanium is resistant to corrosion and as strong as high-strength steel, while 40 percent lighter.

All five models in the series feature a simple lever design and a custom soft rubber sleeve, and provide uniform tension that keeps the strings centered without any sideways pull.

There’s also Shubb’s original locking pressure-screw concept, offering full adjustability when switching between guitars with different sized necks.

The Capo Royale Series in gold and rose gold will be available in August for $29.95/£34.99. For more information, head to Shubb Capos and JHS.