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Soldano downsizes the legendary SLO-100 into a 30W head - meet the SLO-30

(Image credit: Soldano)

Soldano has introduced the 30-watt Super Lead Overdrive SLO-30, a pared-down version of the company’s classic high-gain SLO-100 guitar amp.

The new SLO-30 boasts the same Normal and Overdrive channels as its big brother, including independent preamp and master controls, as well as the Normal channel’s mini voicing toggle switches, a tube-buffered FX loop and variable slave output.

New features on the amp include a depth control in the power section (a popular mod on the 100W original), improved noise floor with modern grounding, DC-based filament circuit and circuit separation, newly designed ultra-transparent tube-buffered effects loop and front-panel channel switching via an onboard channel-select toggle switch.

(Image credit: Soldano)

Tube-wise, the SLO-30 sports five 12AX7 preamp valves and two 6L6s in the power amp section.

The SLO-30 is available for $2,699.99. To pick one up, head over to Soldano.