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Taurus unleashes the Stomp-Head 6.CE pedalboard amplifier

Taurus Stomp-Head 6.CE
(Image credit: Taurus Amplification)

Taurus Amplification recently announced a new series of compact guitar amps, each incorporating an amplifier, preamp, foot controller and speaker simulator in one unit.

Today, the company revealed the first model of the series' three – the Stomp-Head 6.CE, or SH6.CE.

Featuring a fully analog design based on Taurus's patented MTD (Master Tube Design) technology, the new stompbox-style amp is tailored towards a wide range of cabinets, with four adjustable output power stages – 90W, 40W, 20W and 12W – available.

The maximum range of the power stage, however, is 200W, allowing for the right headroom of sound dynamics without distortion of the power amp.

The 6.CE also features a compact form factor for easy installation on pedalboards.

Its analog speaker simulation circuit is based on the characteristics of Celestion Vintage 30 and Creamback speakers obtained via impulse response, and allows users to play through the unit directly through PA speakers, or into a computer or mixer.

The Stomp-Head 6.CE is available now for €638 (~$750.) For more information, head to Taurus Amplification.

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