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The Doors’ Robby Krieger offers a quarantine video lesson of his own with a Roadhouse Blues instructional from his home studio

Over the past few weeks of self-quarantining we’ve witnessed Brian May teach Bohemian Rhapsody, Kiss’ Paul Stanley do Love Gun and Johnny Marr demonstrate how to play several Smiths classics.

Now Doors electric guitar legend Robby Krieger has jumped into the video-lesson waters with a new clip demonstrating how to play the band’s classic 1970 song, Roadhouse Blues, filmed in his home studio.

“It’s been the request of the guitar-lesson-fan crowd,” Krieger explains, ever-present cherry red Gibson SG in hand.

Krieger begins the video by running through the song’s prominent sections, including the iconic single-note opening riff, the chorus vamp (“it’s just a regular old blues kind of A”) and the ending lead lick.

Krieger then puts on the original recording and plays through the entire song.

“And that’s it!,” he says. “Hope you liked it.”

Thankfully, there’s more to come, with Krieger promising upcoming videos covering Spanish Caravan and Moonlight Drive.

One he still hasn’t decided to tackle, however, is Light My Fire. 

As Krieger signs off, the iconic song begins to play in the background. Which leads the guitarist to yell at his sound system, “Not that one yet! Shut up!”