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This compact Quad Remote Looper could massively expand your Line 6 HX Effects’ potential

Bright Onion Pedals Quad Remote Looper
(Image credit: Bright Onion Pedals)

One of the features we love about many of today’s pedalboard switchers and multi-effects pedals is the ability to expand their capabilities through the use of external switches. And UK-based company Bright Onion Pedals looks to have introduced one of the smartest space-saving designs yet.

The Quad Remote Looper v2 crams four sets of inputs and outputs into an MXR-sized enclosure, letting you add four additional loops to any multi-FX/switching unit with TRS switching outputs, including the Boss ES-5 and ES-8, TheGigRig G2 and Line 6 HX Effects.

Bright Onion uses gold-plated relay switching, Neutrik jack sockets and Hammond aluminum enclosures, and the unit can be powered by any pedalboard power supply delivering 150mA @ 9V.

The Quad Remote Looper v2 is available now for £120 (approx $160) from Bright Onion Pedals.