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Tosin Abasi is learning to play the blues - with a little help from Josh Smith and Ariel Posen

Tosin Abasi is learning to play the blues
(Image credit: Instagram/Tosin Abasi)

As it turns out, Tosin Abasi really can play anything. The Animals as Leaders electric guitar player recently posted a video where he trades in his Abasi Concepts eight-string for a pink Schecter Nick Johnston signature model – equipped with a mere six strings – and rips some tasty blues licks.

As Abasi explains, “I’ve recently been digging the blues and decided to start exploring it more.”

He goes on to state that he’s been “stealing” some online instructional materials from Josh Smith and Ariel Posen.

To which Posen replied in the comments section, “Oh come on now. Sounding amazing as always.”

We agree, Ariel. Although it would stand to reason that if John Mayer can play the blues on an Abasi Concepts eight-string, Abasi himself can do it on six.