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Van Halen Post Clip of "You and Your Blues"

Let me get this out of the way real quick ... ONE WEEK 'TIL NEW VAN HALEN!

There. Now that that order of business is taken care of, I can tell you there's another new clip of a Van Halen track online. This time it's "You and Your Blues." Check it out below.

"We've managed to stretch our adolescence like a Chiclet to the moon and maintained the respectful dignities along the way that got us on that turnpike up in the first place," David Lee Roth recently told the L.A. Times. "We love what we do for a living. Even in our wildest, most beer-soaked days we never missed rehearsal."

A Different Kind of Truth:

1. "Tattoo" (video)
2. "She's the Woman" (clip, live video)
3. "You and Your Blues" (clip)
4. "China Town" (clip)
5. "Blood and Fire" (clip)
6. "Bullethead"
7. "As Is" (clip)
8. "Honeybabysweetiedoll"
9. "The Trouble with Never" (clip)
10. "Outta Space"
11. "Stay Frosty" (clip)
12. "Big River"
13. "Beats Workin'"