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Vote for the greatest guitar riff of all time!

Vote for the greatest guitar riff of all time
(Image credit: Kevin Nixon/Future)

We all have our favourite guitar riffs, but which is truly the greatest of them all? Well, Total Guitar is tackling this thorny subject and aiming to end the debate once and for all – and to do so, we’re kindly asking you for your help…

We want your votes for the greatest guitar riff of all time.

Here’s how it works. We've prepared our own shortlist of classics for you to choose from. "No Paranoid? No Highway To Hell?'" you cry? Sorry about that! We're following a strict 'one riff per artist' rule to keep our list at least reasonably brief.

But if your favourite riff isn't here, simply add your own choice in the 'Other' category below.

We'll count every vote and reveal the winner in issue 346 of Total Guitar magazine (on sale in the UK 4th June 2021) and here on

For now, happy voting (and yes, you can vote for multiple riffs)…