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Watch Joe Bonamassa Shred on an EVH Striped Series Guitar

Joe Bonamassa has posted a clip to his official Instagram page of him shredding away on an EVH Frankenstein model guitar. You can check out the Van Halen-style acrobatics above.

This is not the first time Bonamassa has broken out of the blues box, per se, to peel off some high-octane, hard-rocking speed licks. Back in 2014 he posted a video to his Facebook page that showed him, in his own words, “partying with an original 1978 Charvel black-and-yellow stripe guitar just like Mr. Van Halen's." 

And earlier this year he tore it up on a Steinberger headless model, writing, “I finally was invited to the shred lounge on the backline bus after years on the waiting list."

More recently, Bonamassa announced tour dates for his upcoming 2020 outing. The trek begins February 13 of next year in Montgomery, Alabama and wraps with two nights at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle on March 20 and 21. 

For full details, head here.