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Waves is offering some insanely big reductions on plugins for guitarists – save up to 40% today

Waves is offering some insanely big reductions on plugins for guitarists – save up to 40% today
(Image credit: Waves)

If there’s a chance to slash its prices, you’d better believe that Waves is gonna take it, and that's exactly what its doing this Prime Day.

Let the rest of the world bombard you with deals on boring stuff like vacuum cleaners, while we focus on some incredible deals on all the plugins you need to give your guitar and vocal recordings a sonic boost!

Amongst the reductions - which in some cases are greater than 90% – on the Waves site you'll find everything from amp simulators and effects to help you mix your vocals, to emulations of analog studio classics and signature bundle collections from some of the world’s finest producers and mix engineers. Simply load up your cart and use the code CREATE40 to enjoy some hefty discounts.

That’s not all, though. Because Waves has a second offer in the mix: spend $50 and you can choose a free plugin from this list. Spend $90 and you get to choose two free plugins. The best part? You can do this as many times as you want! Choose tactically and this is just about the closest legal method you can get to stealing.

Just take a look at some of these deals!

Waves guitar tone/amp modelling plugins deals

Waves GTR3, save 73%: Was $129, now $29.99
With emulations of Fender, Marshall, Mesa/Boogie, Vox and more, GTR3 includes over 30 guitar and bass amps, 30 cabs and 25 stompboxes for you to get your hands - and tone - dirty with. For just under $30, we can’t think of a better go-to tone library.View Deal

Waves PRS SuperModels, save 72%: Was $129, now $35.99
If you know of Paul Reed Smith, you’ll know that the PRS founder and company boss is unflinching in his quest for perfection from the instruments and amps which bear his name. With the Waves/PRS SuperModels collection, you get emulations of the PRS Archon, Dallas and Blue Sierra/V9 amps.View Deal

Waves GTR Solo, save 51%: Was $49, now $23.99
If, for some reason, the GTR3 doesn’t seem like an amazing deal then you could try the GTR Solo plugin instead. Picking from the same pool of names as its more advanced counterpart, GTR Solo gives you a selection of 10 amps, 10 cabs and 13 stompboxes including distortion, modulation and ambient effects. Get it in your cart now and you’ll pay $23.99.View Deal

Waves CLA Guitars, save 70%: Was $99, now $29.99
Fact: Chris Lorde-Alge has mixed a lot of your favorite modern rock albums. Here, you can apply the CLA gold to your own recordings. There’s no amp modeling, this plugin is focused on the mixing side of music creation with easy-to-use compression, EQ, ambience and pitch controls based on Chris’ processing chain and techniques. $30 for a veneer of a Grammy Award-winning mix engineer? Get clicking.View Deal

Waves CLA Unplugged, save 70%: Was $99, now $29.99
Acoustic guitars are difficult to get right, but once again, Chris Lorde-Alge is delivering a solution with Waves. You get a simple GUI with smooth EQ, compression, dual reverbs and delay sliders, all tailored to making your acoustic guitar tracks sound as good as they possibly can!View Deal

Waves plugin deals for vocalists

Waves Tune Real-Time, save 76%, was $199, now $47.99
Settle down, T-Pain, we’re not suggesting you go full-mumble rap for your next chorus. But if you’ve ever captured the perfect vocal performance only to find that there are slight tuning problems, this plugin might save your otherwise-brilliant take.View Deal

Waves Vocal Rider, save 81%: Was $249, now $47.99
This genius automation tool will keep your vocal track sitting in the mix without the need for painstaking manual editing or over-processing with compression. It does it by listening to the rest of the mix and adjusting the vocal level to a target range that you decide. Robots, eh?View Deal

Waves Vocal bundle, save $86: Was $499, now $68.99
Singers are great, but boy, can their vocals be hard work. The Vocal bundle from Waves arms you with 7 powerful vocal processing tools: DeBreath, Doubler, Rennaissance Axx compressor, Renaissance DeEsser, Waves Tune and Renaissance Chanel (EQ, compression and gating). Between these, you can polish your vocal takes to the next level while maintaining a natural sound.View Deal

Waves Butch Vig Vocals, save 76%, was $149, now $35.99
“Go Vig or go home.” That’s what Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters and Green Day most likely thought when they hired the man responsible for some of the greatest rock albums of the last 30 years. Butch’s vocal plugin gives you his signature sound in an easy-to-use format: compression, de-essing, EQ, filtering and analog tube/solid state saturation modelling are all present amongst this cool steampunk-looking plugin.View Deal

Waves studio classic emulation plugins discounts

Waves Scheps 73, save 82%: Was $199, now $35.99
Remember that film where Dave Grohl told us all about his Neve mixing console? You can get that sound in your computer, right now, on as many channels as your machine will handle for $35.99. The Neve 1073 EQ and preamp is a stone cold studio classic, and this is mix engineer Andrew Schep’s (RHCP, Black Sabbath, Metallica) take on it. Add the Neve sound to your project now!View Deal

Waves SSL G-Channel, save 86%: Was $249, now $35.99
SSL revolutionised the large-format mixing console with its SL 4000 series desks. Now, you can get your own channel strip featuring models of the filtering, EQ, compression and expander/gate found on every channel. You’ll use it on everything, and wonder how you did without it.View Deal

Waves Kramer Master Tape, save $88: Was $249, now $29.99
Everyone loves tape, don’t they? If you want to use words like ‘warm’, ‘analog’ and ‘fat’ when referring to your recordings then why not treat yourself to this emulation of Eddie Kramer’s (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones) favorite 1/4” reel-to-reel tape machine from Olympic Studios in London. View Deal

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