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Yamaha may have just perfected the desktop amp with the all-new THR-II series

Yamaha has unveiled the THR-II series, upgrading its popular, Paul Gilbert-favored THR desktop guitar amp line-up with new sounds and wireless capability.

The three THR-II models boast 15 new amp tones, driven by Yamaha’s Virtual Circuitry Modeling, as well as three modeled mic sounds for acoustic-electric guitars, three bass amp models and three flat voicings for use with other instruments.

Like the original, there’s a choice of four modulation effects (chorus, flanger, phaser and tremolo), plus a quartet of delays/reverbs (echo, echo/rev, spring and hall).

Yamaha THR-II guitar amps

(Image credit: Yamaha)

Extended Stereo Technology promises a more immersive experience for reverb sounds and music playback, with the entire chassis optimized by Yamaha’s Audio Visual Division.

Three models are available: the THR10II ($299), THR10II Wireless ($449) and THR30II Wireless ($499) - with the Wireless models packing a built-in rechargeable battery and integrated wireless receiver for pairing with an optional Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter.

All three come with a USB port for direct recording and playback, while sounds can be edited using a free Yamaha THR Remote app for Mac, PC and mobile.

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Yamaha THR-II guitar amps

THR10II top (Image credit: Yamaha)
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Yamaha THR-II guitar amps

THR10II Wireless top (Image credit: Yamaha)
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Yamaha THR-II guitar amps

THR30II Wireless top (Image credit: Yamaha)

Anyone seeking to use the THR live will want to opt for the THR30II, which boasts a pair of stereo 1/4” line outputs in addition to aux, phones and input jacks, which come as standard across the new range.

This is a tidy series of updates for what was pretty much the original desktop guitar amp - and one of the most fully featured and best-sounding to boot.

It’s good to see Yamaha take the fight back to the likes of Boss, Blackstar and Fender, who have all got in on the desktop action since the THR’s debut way back in 2011.

The THR-II range will be available later this year - see Yamaha THR for more info.

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