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Andy Timmons Talks New Album, 'Theme from a Perfect World'

Andy Timmons Talks 'Perfect World'

Andy Timmons Band’s eighth album, Theme from a Perfect World, is an inspired, guitar-driven affair made up of 10 hook-filled instrumentals that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of guitarists.

John 5 Talks Playing Guitar at Home

John 5 Talks Playing Guitar at Home

Don’t try to pin down John 5’s style with a one-word label. A passionate metal guitarist, he’s also adept at bluegrass, country, jazz, western swing and flamenco.

Strokes' Nick Valensi Gets Back to Small-Club Roots with CRX

Strokes' Guitarist Nick Valensi Talks CRX

“CRX is probably an odd choice for a band name, but to me it sums up what our music sounds like.” Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi is explaining the origins of the name for his new side band.