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Vinnie Paul Recalls His Last Words to Dimebag Darrell Before He Was Murdered

Vinnie Paul recalls his last words to his brother, Dimebag Darrell, before he was murdered onstage, 12 years ago yesterday, December 8, as they performed with their band, Damageplan.“The last thing that really matters to me is the last thing we said to each other before we went on stage,” Paul said in an archival interview on “We were warming up on the side of the stage like we... …

Hellyeah Use Lost Dimebag Darrell Guitar Solo on New Phil Collins Cover

When heavy metal supergroup Hellyeah were looking for a song to cover for their new album, Unden!able, guitarist Christian Brady suggested Phil Collins’ 1982 hit "I Don't Care Anymore.” It suddenly struck drummer Vinnie Paul that he and his brother, the late Dimebag Darrell, recorded that song with their post-Pantera band, Damageplan, more than a decade ago. However, their version never saw the... …