Full Shred with Marty Friedman: Finding Your Path to Musical Individuality — Video



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Marty is so right, when I set out to learn guitar this was one of the philosophies I shared. I did not want to be like Dime or Zakk etc. I wanted to develop my own style that I was comfortable playing. This article alone with Metal Mike and David D have opened many doors to my line of thinking. If you ever listen to Bucket head none of his music, the notes do not seem to resolve. But it sounds amazing.



Love Marty's philosophy and approach to the guitar, you can only become a better you.



His picking style looks painful, clumsy, and unintuitive, but I got nothin to say, as he clearly knows what works for him. Great advice, as always!


box of dope

every article i'v read by marty has always taught me something new, great guy. its awesome to see him doing so well in japan, after killing with dave.

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