Full Shred with Marty Friedman: How to Play Fast and Musical Arpeggio-Based Licks Without Sweep Picking



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the figs??? please...



The greatest part of this video is the "non sweep picking lick" that is actually a sweep picking lick....


The Shred King ...

Marty is hilarious here! Awesome lesson with a nice focus on developing individuality in your playing.



Hybrid picking is simply using a combination of the pick and your fingers plucking strings at the same time or alternately.



actually, it's a combination alternate, legato/hammering, sweep, & speed picking, which is my particular thing, & always decided by what i'm feeling at the time. they produce different timbres & accents, & that's before taking fingering (including how & where you plant them, & what part of the individual finger/s) and pressure, in concert with the attack & placement of the pick or finger into account... or, what marty's trying to convey in general; style, which includes EVERYTHING at your disposal, the ultimate aim (for many, in any event) being the development of a signature style, which tells your ears who the player is (or why you can immediately tell whether it's jimi or eric, albert or bb, mclaughlin or holdsworth). it ALSO includes one's choice of notes, & their arrangement, or more specifically, one's melodic (and harmonic) sensibilities, whether or not a player plays the same phrases (more or less), or something completely different, from one performance to the next. our finger/foot-prints leave an unmistakeable stamp discernible to both the learned/developed and (to varying lesser degrees) the untrained/inexperienced ear...


sammy reynolds

Why don't you learn something before replying. Hybrid picking is using your pick and fingers at the same time. You're the typical internet idiot.

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