Guitar Strength: Seven Habits That Will Make You a Better Guitarist



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My band and I are going to try out these steps and see where it takes us. i really cant wait to record ourselves playing, it will tell me what spots in our song sound empty and need accompaniment. one issue about myself taking lessons is that i just don't have the money and since im to young to legally have a job it makes it even harder on my part to make myself a better player. I also think you should add " playing with other people" i think playing with others gets you used to keeping in time with other musicians and it may sound easy but if actually played with other people you know its pretty difficult. plus it means people can give you constructive criticism.


ZOT Zin Music

Hello Scott,

Great Blog!

The material is very clearly explained. I teach these seven habits you wrote about pretty much every day to my guitar students. I am a guitar teacher and I appreciate your wonderful and informative blog.

Keep up the good job!

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