Guitar World Girls: Savannah



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darn she looks like a squishy girl



I will not be buying Guitar World again and will advise anyone I know to do the same. This is disgusting and pathetic. Female musicians who play don't have to get naked for acknowledgement. Just visiting this "Girls" content seems to be drawing in big money from your advertisers. I will be contacting every one of the advertisers on your website.



What the hell? Well that's the last issue of Guitar World I buy. Don't worry though, I'm sure that you'll more than make up for lost readers with all of the 14-year-old boys who will now start buying your magazine (because I can't think of any other way they can possibly get their soft porn fix).



I agree 100% and am happy that I'm not the only one that feels this way. The Girls content sets warped gender roles and tells musicians that guys play; girls get naked for guys who play. Try to email Jeff Kitts, the editor at I've also emailed Sweetwater and Sam Ash, who were all really responsive and acted by dropping Guitar World in stores and dropping some big ads they had with them.
"Girls of Guitar World" content brings in web viewers that Guitar World can charge all of their advertisers big money for. Contact all of the advertisers you see on the page, they're the ones that make Guitar World move.



WOW !!! Now Thats what I call DY---NO---MITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



..Now that's more like it.....
the temperature is rising again!
How about a Chrissy special showing even more!

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