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Dear Guitar Hero: Slash

The "Sweet Child O' Mine" riff mangles my fingers every time I try to learn it. Do you use some kind of secret technique? -Matthew SteeleThere's no secret technique. That's just my pick-up-a-guitar and fuck-around-with-it style of playing. That whole riff was just a mistake-a joke, really. To this day, I find it incredibly ironic and hilarious that it turned into a song, especially such a... …

Last Gigs: Slash with Guns N' Roses

Originally printed in Guitar World, November 2008 July 17, 1993 - Buenos Aires, Argentina   By the time Guns N’ Roses wrapped up their world tour behind their two Use Your Illusion albums in 1993, they had played 192 shows in 27 countries, in front of more than seven million people. The band had been on the road for two and a half years, which made the jaunt for that time—and perhaps still—the... …

Guns N' Roses to Begin Tour in March 2009?

The Gunners are planning to hit the road in late March 2009 for a wold tour in support of their latest release, Chinese Democracy, GN'R guitarist Richard Fortus has told U.K.'s The tour will likely last at least two years. ... …