Interview: Paul Weller Discusses Danelectros, Rickenbackers and His New Album, 'Sonik Kicks'



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This is the Modern World Mr. Weller.

Bands like The Jam would have had at least one reunion by now...


Alexander Adrian

I rediscovered Paul Weller about three weeks ago!!! After the embarrasment of The Style Council in the 80s it`s really cool to find that Mr. Weller can still write great pop music after all these years. He`s probably one of the most underrated english rockmusicians outside of the UK - partly because of his very english attitude. He could never come across as american in the way that for instance Led Zeppelin and The Clash downplayed their englishness. But the older Weller has a tunefulness in his voice reminiscent of Ray Charles and even Joe Cocker. Great to see an american magazine like Guitar World doing an interview with "The Modfather". After all the accolades afforded Oasis in the U.S. it`s about time Paul Weller gets some recognition. If you`re into the Kinks or The Beatles, Paul Weller is like David Bowies distant cousin with his own pedigree.



hey, AA -- thanks for reading and commenting! i know you said you've just rediscovered PW; if you don't have his 2010 album, "wake up the nation," it's very good and worth a download. bruce foxton of the jam is on two songs, the better of which is "fast car, slow traffic." ... but the new album is great also.

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