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Joan Jett Talks Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Lou Reed and "I Love Rock ’N’ Roll"

Joan Jett looks perfect. In other words, she looks exactly the way you want Joan Jett to look. With her iconic black shag and eyeliner, she saunters into the Guitar World photo studio wearing a variation on a rock and roll uniform she had worn almost her entire life: a tight black sleeveless shirt, black jeans and black motorcycle boots, all of it topped with a kick-ass leather jacket.

Guitar World DVD: Go 'In Deep' with Stevie Ray Vaughan

One of the most important electric blues artists of the 20th century, Stevie Ray Vaughan revived blues rock and influenced guitarists across many genres with his fiery, soulful playing.

How to Buy an Acoustic Guitar: A Guide for the First-Time Buyer

You've got the bug—you’ve decided to buy an acoustic guitar—and nothing will stop you, not even the haunted, hungry look in your children’s eyes. So you empty your bank account, raid your kids’ college fund and head down to a local house of ill repute: a music store. You’re gonna get that acoustic, practicality and your wife’s entreaties be damned.

Betcha Can't Play This: Doug Aldrich's Three-Octave Pentatonic Ascent

This is a triplet-based run in A minor that starts out in the low register and moves up and across the fretboard, spanning three octaves before settling into a single position and moving back across the strings. I’m using hammer-ons and pull-offs in combination with picking to achieve a fast stream of notes that "pops" and flows.

Eddie Van Halen Is Guitar World's June 2015 Cover Star

In our new exclusive interview by Chris Gill, the guitarist chronicles the making of Tokyo Dome Live in Concert, Van Halen’s first official live record with David Lee Roth. He also discusses his super-secret new guitar amp and EVH Gear's mysterious Star Guitar, the latest addition to the company's ultra-cool Stripe Series.

Jeff Loomis Plays Jason Becker's "Perpetual Burn" — Video

On Page 30 of the all-new July 2013 issue of Guitar World, Jeff Loomis discusses this video, which he created and sent us back in March. It shows Loomis tackling Jason Becker's "Perpetual Burn" to a backing track — and pulling it off in one impressive sitting.

May 2015 Guitar World: Joan Jett, Judas Priest, How to Play Rock and Roll Guitar, Ian Anderson and More

Guitar World’s May 2015 issue features the queen of noise, Joan Jett! She's been banging out some of rock's greatest power chords since age 15. With her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, there's only one thing you need to know: she still loves rock and roll.

LessonFace with John Heussenstamm: Introduction to Jazz Guitar

How many pianos are there in the world? Millions, right? They all have the same keyboard layout of the C major or A minor scale on the white keys. It must be important or such an instrument wouldn't exist. The jazz guitarist should focus on that and make a thorough study of the C major diatonic scale in all of its positions and discover its significance.

Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" — Awesome Xylophone Cover — Video

Remember back in February when we shared the Louisville Leopard Percussionists' xylophone-and-marimba cover of Led Zeppelin's “Immigrant Song,” “The Ocean” and “Kashmir”? Well, they're back—this time with their version of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train."

Backbeat's 'Blues Guitar Handbook' Teaches Blues History and Multiple Techniques

The Blues Guitar Handbook: A Complete Course in Techniques & Styles by Adam St. James is the latest entry in Backbeat's bestselling handbook series.