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Top 10 Fender Stratocaster Facts You Probably Didn't Know — Video

In this new video (posted to the Interwebs July 5), Mark from Guitar Nerds, a U.K.-based website for guitar fans (and nerds, we reckon), counts down the top 10 Fender Stratocaster facts that you probably didn't know.

Scale Sequences: 15 Hot Patterns That Will Fire Up Your Solos

If you’re a guitarist who loves to practice, you’re probably well acquainted with a scale sequence or two. But if you think they’re best left for the practice room, think again. The fiery solos of hard rock are laced with 16th-note scale sequences—think Ritchie Blackmore, Randy Rhoads, Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson, Yngwie Malmsteen and Vinnie Moore.

'Green Day Guitar Tab Anthology': Learn 22 Green Day Songs, Note for Note

The Green Day Guitar Tab Anthology is a 158-page softcover book featuring tabs of 22 songs by Green Day. Songs include "21 Guns," "American Idiot," "Basket Case," "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," "Good Riddance," "Know Your Enemy," "Longview," "When I Come Around" and many others.

Children of Bodom Premiere Second 'I Worship Chaos' Album Trailer — Video

Finnish metal band Children of Bodom have premiered the trailer for their new album, I Worship Chaos. The album is set for an October 2 release via Nuclear Blast Records. You can pre-order it here.

Conquer Divide Premiere "Nightmares" Playthrough Video — Exclusive

Today, presents a new playthrough video by metal band Conquer Divide. The song, "Nightmares," is taken from the band's self-titled debut album, which was released via Artery Recordings on July 24. You can snag the album here.

Jimi Hendrix Playing Secrets: New Guitar World DVD on Sale Now — Video

This DVD includes his go-to soloing patterns, extended pentatonic and blues-scale positions, signature phrasing and articulations, string bending, vibrato and whammy bar usage, strummed octaves, thumb fretting and chord embellishments, plus essential gear and how to recreate Jimi's tone!

Black Fast: "Conspire" Guitar Playthrough Video — Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of a new guitar-playthrough video featuring—from top to bottom—Aaron Akin, Trevor Johanson and Ryan Thompson—of St. Louis speed metal four-piece Black Fast.

The Agonist: "I Endeavor" Playthrough Video — Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of a new guitar-playthrough video featuring Pascal (Paco) Jobin and Chris Kells of the Agonist, a Montreal-based five-piece metal outfit. The track in the clip, which you can check out below, is "I Endeavor," a single from their latest album, Eye of Providence.

Album's Worth of Unreleased Nirvana Outtakes Leaked Online — Listen

More than a dozen unreleased Nirvana tracks were leaked on YouTube on August 2. You can check them out below.

Ernie Ball Presents the Joe Bonamassa Experience Contest

Ernie Ball has teamed up with Joe Bonamassa to give guitar players across the globe a chance to win more than $70,000 in prizes and the opportunity to spend an unforgettable day with Bonamassa and a selection of his most cherished guitars in the Guitar Center Hollywood Vintage Room.