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Review: Orange OPC Musician’s Personal Computer

Computers have become the de facto platform for recording music, but the average PC is far from specialized for the task. PCs and Macs are designed for general computer functions and have a multitude of features and software programs that are unrelated to the endeavor of making music. Furthermore, you can spend a bundle of cash adding audio interfaces, monitors and recording programs to your computer, not to mention plug-ins for effects, amp emulations, instrument libraries and so on.

Review: Framus Mayfield Legacy

Solidbody sensations like the Panthera Studio Supreme, Diablo and Earl Slick signature model have introduced a generation of players to the heirloom-quality instruments of Germany’s Framus company. But players who are new to the brand, especially in the United States, may not realize that Framus originally achieved worldwide notoriety for the hollowbody electrics that were faithfully played by legends such as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Jan Akkerman, Charlie Mingus and the Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman, to name a few.

Review: Dean Rusty Cooley Signature RC7X Wraith Seven-String

Seven-string players generally fall into one of two categories: those who use the low B string primarily to create crushing bass chunk, and shredders like Rusty Cooley, who deftly apply their extensive musical vocabulary and virtuoso technique to the guitar’s full, extended range. Cooley’s contributions aren’t limited to awe-inspiring musical prowess—his recent work with Dean Guitars has advanced the art of seven-string construction and resulted in some of the style’s most playable and tonally balanced instruments. Newest among these collaborative creations is the Dean Rusty Cooley signature RC7X Wraith, an import accompaniment to his USA models that offers custom graphics and inlays, high-end components, effortless playability and a street price under $1,100.

Review: Framus Panthera and Diablo Seven-Strings

Whichever is best for your needs, both are exceptional axes that exemplify the power and versatility that’s gained with the addition of a low B string.

Review: Randall NB King 100 Nuno Bettencourt Signature Series Amplifier

The NB King 100 is an ideal centerpiece for a massive stage rig.

Review: EVH Wolfgang Special

The Wolfgang Special is a kick-ass model that’s identical to its pricier namesake in practically every way, but it keeps costs down with a maple top that’s flat rather than carved.

Parker DF624 Radial Neck Joint Series Electric Guitar

The Radial Neck Joint Series guitars are built for technically gifted and tonally creative players who want to get all of their sounds from one guitar.

ESP Standard Series Vintage Plus

ESP’s Vintage Plus electric takes aged Strat-style guitar building in a new direction by duplicating what’s known as a “player’s guitar.”

Budda Superdrive Series II V-40 1x12 Combo

Budda's Superdrive Series II V-40 is a connoisseur’s cornucopia of 6V6-driven clean and overdriven tones.

Line 6 Spider Valve MkII HD100 and FBV Shortboard MkII Foot Controller

Line 6's Spider Valve MkII HD100 represents a perfect marriage of digital and analog technologies.