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Deep Water: The Down-Tuning Advantages of a Fender Jaguar Bridge System

With a properly set-up Jazzmaster/Jaguar-style bridge system, you can down-tune from standard tuning, and the guitar will still be in tune, and, as a bonus, you can still use the tremolo bar, though only go down in pitch when down-tuned. This also can allow you to keep playing if you break a string in the middle of a song.

Deep Water: Add Some Color to Your Sound with This Fake 12-String Technique

When you're recording, you can use all kinds of exotic instruments for embellishing sections of a song. But you probably would like to be able to recreate your recorded performance live. It would be cool to be playing something on a six-string and have certain notes of the melody jump out with a 12-string sound and attack.

Deep Water: Surf Survivor

OK, you're facing down a couple of hundred die-hard underground music fanatics. People who live to go to shows in club venues, because that's where the real action can be found.

Deep Water: How to Get the Classic Surf Guitar Sound

The movie Pulp Fiction seemed to help elevate the surf guitar music from under a pile of seaweed to a spot on the party-song playlists of hipsters around the world.