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Session Guitar: Spanish Hassle Magic — a Typical Day in the Studio

We all strive to play our best. In my particular line of studio work, I am called upon to improvise in many styles daily; sometimes many styles in the same song. This particular song was going to be trouble. I knew it. The engineer who sent it to me knew it, and the artist had suspicions. Here's how it went down.

Session Guitar: Preparing for Sessions Using Osmosis

Years ago, when I was just beginning to think I could be a guitarist, I decided to take lessons from the best I could find. Some known, most not so much. But all great players. I concentrated my efforts on jazz because I figured if I could get a handle on the intricacies of jazz improvisation, soloing on pop rock and blues would be infinitely easier.

Session Guitar: Boost Your Creativity by Setting Limitations in the Studio

Mae West said something like, "Too much of a good thing is wonderful!" As much as I somewhat agree, sometimes having "less is more" as my mantra does more to make me feel alive and creative! Let's look at a few ideas. I'd deeply appreciate you giving them a shot. You may learn a bit about yourself. And as an added bonus, your recordings, performance and overall sound will improve. I promise.

Session Guitar: How to Break Out of Boxes to Enhance Creativity

Take a look around. Your "studio"/ workplace is probably in a room in your house. Box 1. Your literal vision/optics are being viewed on a screen from a computer. Box 2. You may even look at your musical knowledge and improvisational skills based around the box method. Scale patterns. Theory. Rules. Limitations. Box 3.

Session Guitar: My New Year's Resolutions

It is during this time of year we tend to make resolutions to change the things that are not working in our lives, and to strengthen our weak points and develop our strong points. I thought you might enjoy my list of guitar resolutions! I would love to see yours in the comments section below.

Session Guitar: Recording in Multiple Locations Using Different Software

A project came my way that I think you will find interesting. What I'm about to describe is commonplace in the world of recording today. It's about how so much of today's music is not recorded in the same location. Or even the same city. Or continent. The name of the group is Triphon. They play what is described as Euro/American metal. It is hard, loud and melodic. Great music. Talented players.

Session Guitar: Can You Face Challenges and Handle Studio Pressure?

In this blog post, I'd like to pose the question: Can you handle the stresses of session playing? Every day I awake to a new set of musical challenges. These must be met along with our regular, everyday personal needs. Here's an example: Today I have four sessions to work on, a blog to write (this one) and a phone meeting about composing music for a new reality show.

Session Guitar: Different Types of Microphones and How to Use Them in the Studio

So far we've looked at some basic gear: guitars, computers, amps and modelers. This week we get personal: microphones and proper and improper use!

Session Guitar: Understanding Compression — and Why You Need It!

Hello, my friends! This week, we will be talking about an effect that is not sexy. It is not obvious. As a matter of fact, if used properly, it is transparent! If used improperly, it can really ruin a mix or an individual sound. I am talking about compression.

Session Guitar: The Gear You Really Need to Make Incredible Recordings at Home

If you want your songs to be loved by most who hear it, this is what you must consider: The song must be excellent. Next, the musical arrangement must be correct to sell the song. The performance of the song must be emotional. Finally, it must be recorded as well as possible in the correct environment using the best gear available. Notice: What is the last thing I mentioned?