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Fallen Angels: Black Veil Brides' Jinxx Reports from the Vans Warped Tour

We commenced our debut on the Vans' Warped Tour this year a little deviated from what was planned, as we were unable to perform for the first week. Just a couple days before leaving for the tour, our singer took an intense dive off a 20-foot pillar during our record-release performance in Hollywood, shattering three of his ribs and nearly puncturing his lung.

Fallen Angels: Black Veil Brides' Jinxx Reflects on the Dangers of Performing

In the latest edition of "Fallen Angels," Black Veil Brides guitarist Jinxx reflects on Andy Biersack's recent stage fall and the generally dangerous nature of performing.

Fallen Angels: Black Veil Brides Guitarist Jinxx Talks the Apocalypse

After a successful year of touring the U.S. in support our chart-topping indie debut We Stitch These Wounds in 2010, we decided that in 2011 we would Set The World On Fire with our major-label sophomore release.